When Beckham went to Spain: Power, Stardom & Real Madrid

Michael Joseph Hardback • 30 September 2004 • £16.99
Penguin Paperback• 5 May 2005 • £8.99

David Beckham’s 2003 transfer to Real Madrid was football’s worst kept secret. After he moved, it seemed that the British press devoted more coverage to the Spanish game than their own.

Beckham’s arrival at Real Madrid captured the world’s imagination. Jimmy Burns skillfully depicts this exciting period in football history, delivering a book that goes far beyond the story of David Beckham and Real Madrid. It is about a revolution in the world of football, how Spain became Europe’s most exciting country, and the broader impact of the arrival of a sports icon on Spain’s society and culture.

Jimmy Burns is an award-winning journalist and writes for the Financial Times. His previous books include the internationally acclaimed Hand of God: a biography of Diego Maradona, and Barca: A People’s Passion.

Jimmy Burns is available for interview and to write features.

For further information or to request a review copy, please contact Jane Opoku on 020 7010 3599 or email jane.opoku@penguin.co.uk

If you would like to take an extract from When Beckham Went to Spain please contact Alex Clarke on 020 7010 4993 or email alex.clarke@penguin.co.uk


  1. What great day when he arrive at realmardrid but barca are more stronger to put every thing at hand kudos to both mardrid and barca

  2. What a great moment wit barca now wit lot of players who can win more trophy than what people think i lov barcelona

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