The Hand of God: The Life of Diego Maradona

The subject of this book is one of the world’s most controversial and flamboyant sportsmen, arguably the greatest footballer and certainly the most widely-know footballer of the modern age. Maradona played for top clubs in South America and Europe, and was a central figure in four World Cups. In retirement he continues to grab global headlines.

This best-selling biography is the product of research in several countries on both sides of the Atlantic, and the gaining of unprecedented access to Maradona’s inner circle, and to other key witnesses such as players, managers, trainers, doctors, and officials. The result is an extraordinary story straddling the international scene, from the slums of Buenos Aires where Maradona was born, to the huge stadiums of the United States from where, in 1994, he was ignobly expelled after undergoing a positive drugs test.

In his rise to fame-and notoriety-Maradona played for some of the world’s greatest teams including Boca Juniors and FC Barcelona. He scored some brilliant goals- and cheated with others. He provoked fans into a mass hysteria of adulation, and his enemies into sinister campaigns to destroy him. He made friends with the Mafia and became a cocaine addict. He betrayed as many friends as he made, and loved far too many women. A political and sociological phenomenon, he earned millions and spoke for the poor, challenging some of the more powerful vested interests in football. This is Maradona’s incredible inside story.