The Land that Lost Its Heroes – Reviews

“Full of insights about the extraordinary story of Argentina under Galtieri and Alfonsin,” 
Max Hastings

“A beautifully written and well-researched book, competently annotated and documented, which is special on several counts. His is a first-hand and authorative account of the Falklnds war as seen from Buenos Aires. Burns brings to bear his unique experience of a mixed British and Spanish upbringing in his quest for an answer to Argentina’s incomprehensible descent into violent political chaos and moral as well as economic bakruptsy.” 
Maxi Gainza, Sunday Telegraph

“I have never met Mr Jimmy Burns, but have read his reports from Argentina. I regard him as a political opponent but also as a journalist who writes extremely well. Journalists who write well, however, do not always make good authors. This book shows Jimmy Burns to be amn excellent author….In my view this book is compulsory reading for any serious student of British foreign policy in the 1980’s as well as the general reader.” 
Tam Dalyell, Sunday Times

“It is one of the most suggestive and illuminating of all books on the Falklands/Malvinas question,” 
Robert Fox Southside

“An extremely well researched and unbiased look at a war that has become clouded with both by-gosh-by-golly-by-jingoism and political opportunism.” 
Paul Pickering, Punch

“An excellent read, compelling, full of journalist’s insights and containing much new material.” 
The Tablet

“The importance of The Land That Lost Its Heroes transcends its immediate subject matter, and from it there is much to be learned avout the nature of military dictatorships, about the interplay of home affairs and foreign politics in the contemporary world, and about the relations of church and state.” 
The Stonyhurst Magazine

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